Hi, I’m Jennie. I’m a writer, book blogger, recovering lawyer, intrepid book club leader, decent roller-skater, spreadsheet-addict, and jewelry-maker from San Francisco. I primarily write about young adult books, since I am a “full-time” contributor/editor at Forever Young Adult. My writing has also appeared on Birth.Movies.Death. (formerly Badass Digest), and I am currently researching and writing a historical fiction novel set in San Francisco.

In addition to book reviews, I recap Outlander, create themed recipes for food and cocktails, and am the editor for a writing group feature which includes guest posts from published YA authors and editors. I have also covered red carpet events, conferences, and festivals.

Need a freelance writer? Interested in a subject I know a little something about? I’m available! Contact me via the form below.

My main historical interests are medieval European history (I wrote my senior thesis on death and resurrection symbolism in transi tombs, alchemy, torture, and execution) and San Francisco history. I’m also well-versed in food, craft beer/spirits/cocktails, San Francisco culture, travel, and law.