About Me

Hi, I’m Jennie. I’m a literary agent, copywriter, history nerd, occasional book blogger and bookseller, recovering lawyer, tarot aficionado, and embroidery hobbyist from San Francisco. I represent children’s literature across all genres and have worked in the publishing industry since 2013. Before that, I practiced criminal defense law, and before that, I researched medieval death and resurrection symbolism in tomb sculpture, alchemy, torture, and execution methods. (It’s surprisingly more uplifting than you might imagine!)

In a perfect world, I would have all the time and money to travel, roller skate, cook ridiculous meals, develop themed cocktails and hunt down the vintage glassware of my dreams. Since this isn’t a perfect world, I try to do those things in between agenting, copywriting, and fighting the ongoing battle against clutter. (It is hard to pass up turquoise, sparkly, or skull-shaped things. And we won’t talk about my tarot/oracle deck collection…unless you want to.)

My writing has appeared on Forever Young Adult, where I’m an editor/contributor, as well as Birth.Movies.Death., Shipwreck, and hundreds of business websites.

If you’re here because you’re researching literary agents, visit this page. Please note that I am currently closed to unsolicited queries. If you query me via this form, you will not get an answer.