Hi, I’m Jennie. I’m a literary agent, writer, book blogger, recovering lawyer, intrepid book club leader, decent roller-skater, and spreadsheet-addict from San Francisco. At the moment, I primarily represent and write about young adult/middle grade books. I am a contributor/editor at Forever Young Adult, and have appeared on Birth.Movies.Death. (formerly Badass Digest), in Shipwreck, as well as on professional websites and in marketing copy.

In addition to book reviews, I create themed recipes for food and cocktails, and am the editor for a writing group feature which includes guest posts from published YA authors and editors. I have also covered red carpet events, conferences, and festivals. I specialize in snappy, conversational copy: hire me for anything from writing product descriptions to revitalizing your online dating profile. 

If you need some writing or editing assistance, please feel free to contact me; if you’re looking to figure out what kind of manuscripts might spark my interest, visit this page. I do not edit manuscripts or query letters unless it is part of my work with Red Fox Literary. Thank you for understanding.

Employers and prospective copywriting clients: my private portfolio is available upon request.