Literary Agent

If you found me here, you might be looking for a children’s literary agent. I am currently closed to unsolicited queries, but I do accept industry referrals and conference queries.

  • Interested in learning what it’s like to be a literary agent, or my personal methodology? Read this 2019 interview with one of my clients. (Happily, I no longer work five jobs!)
  • Check out my Manuscript Wishlist page for some ideas about what might capture my interest. I am particularly interested in working with marginalized creators and/or Own Voices stories.
  • Want to find out which books I’ve sold and the authors I represent? Visit my Publisher’s Marketplace page, or check out the books featured on this page.

For more information about conferences I’m attending, deal announcements and more, head on over to Twitter.

Now available:

Traitor by Amanda McCrina

Current client list: